The changing face of Aviva: a digital transformation journey

With estimates placing insurance around three years behind other industries, it is no surprise that this is one of the last sectors to enter digital transformation. Many of its biggest brands are playing catch-up in the knowledge that failing to transform risks customer losses and product stagnation.

In 2014 Aviva launched an ambitious digital transformation plan, spurred by group CEO Mark Wilson’s company vision to become a ‘320-year-old digital disruptor’. Through its journey towards this goal, Aviva has seen significant change in both its people and its technology.
People: Attracting the right talent

As much as 80% of Aviva’s senior leaders have changed roles over the past four years as part of the digital transformation process. This has been accompanied by a shift in company culture, a greater focus on ‘mental agility’ and the delivery of a digital retraining programme among senior personnel.

Aviva’s internal research identified a need for greater simplicity. One measurement indicated that the business was more complex than NASA and the NHS. The firm has since simplified its organisational structure and reduced the number of geographical markets with which it does business.

Technology: Keeping pace with digital natives

Faced with legacy technology, Aviva always knew it had its work cut out to transform the business. However, with digital-native market entrants vying for its market share, the time for transformation was now or never.

As a sign of its commitment, Aviva spends around £100 million a year on its digital transformation programme. It’s even looking to hire data scientists and game developers as actuaries. In 2017, Wilson declared his intentions to ‘turn Aviva into a fintech.’ In 2016, the company also unveiled two ‘digital garages’ to accommodate the company’s digital innovation and development teams.

Embracing disruption

Digitisation is a hugely disruptive force in business, but its transformational effect drives value and networking opportunities. Also, being the last industry to undergo digital change means it can learn from other industries’ mistakes.

Under Wilson’s leadership, Aviva is currently experimenting with technologies such as blockchain and micro-insurance, while improving end-to-end management, lifecycles and customer data analytics.

Digital transformation with Adare

When companies harness the power of digital on a strategic rather than a purely functional level, they can transform every area of their business from research and development to sales and marketing.

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