Technology is at the heart of our client offering. Ichor, our end-to-end
workflow platform, enables you to access, control, integrate and
streamline your marketing activity, whatever your business goals.

Transformational Marketing Tech

Whether streamlining ordering software, managing procurement or handling and
fulfilling your deployment, our technology allows you to select the right tools to
monitor and manage your projects more effectively and efficiently.

Combining proprietary technology and strategic expertise, we help...


Through full project sharing, our system proactively drives new ideas and fresh concepts to enhance your activations and increase your campaign success.


Using the power of collaborative, collective purchasing, we harmonise needs across your organisation to allow joint buying and economies of scale across teams and geographies. We achieve this through the use of order windows, catalogues, campaign activations and a complete project library of work to date.


With asset-sharing and efficient workflow, Ichor technology brings harmony to your entire project stream, reducing time to market.

Visibility and transparency

Easy to use, personalised and branded, Ichor’s Management Information dashboards enable full transparency and visibility, ensuring full campaign planning, management and project tracking, delivering real-time savings against historical data.


With Ichor as a central marketing platform you have total control over your brand, your budgets and product provenance.


The Ichor platform is designed for full integration with your finance, marketing and procurement systems.


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