Marketing supply
chain excellence

Every year, we source over 500 million items from over 100 countries
on behalf of our clients, through our network of over 2500 suppliers.


We will devise a tailored, strategic procurement roadmap that drives direct savings, increases
efficiency, reduces time to market and manages your risk. This is delivered by a dual approach
of sourcing in-country, using our local expert teams, coupled with our regional and global hubs,
strategically sourcing from Low Cost Countries and supported by our in-house
Point of Sale and Promotional Merchandise Design teams.

Whether locally or globally, we work with best-in-class suppliers to deliver the highest quality in
standards and the latest in innovation.

Sustainable cost reduction and efficiency

Our operating model enables us strategically to source and competitively procure all types of marketing materials on your behalf. We use our expertise and technology to drive product reuse, right-size and re-engineer production, standardisation and harmonisation, delivering efficiency and sustainable cost reduction.

Reduced time to market

Our technology platform enables us to optimise critical-path timelines to capitalise on offshore or low cost country sourcing, while our local supply chain ensures the ultimate in flexibility for urgent requirements.

Home grown and supply led

Working in a dynamically changing market, innovation is critical to your continuing success. That’s why we implement a worldwide team of talented in-house and supplier Point of Sale designers to support your needs. Specialist expertise on the ground allows us to drive innovation, creativity and cost efficiencies across all our clients’ brands and products.

Continuity of supply

Flexibility and availability in the supply chain is key to managing risk. By selecting and maintaining relationships with a diverse pool of quality supply partners, we’re able to react quickly and efficiently to unexpected events.

Design and Sourcing Expertise

Our expert teams cover all aspects of design and innovation across multiple formats from direct mail and luxury packaging to Point of Sale creation across multiple sectors.

Point of Sale Design Teams

Our Point of Sale design team covers all aspects of cardboard engineering and industrial design, from innovative direct mail, FMCG and luxury packaging to Point of Sale creation and implementation across all sectors of retail, film and home entertainments.

Promo Hubs

Promo Hubs provide clients with regional, dedicated promotional merchandise sourcing, testing and delivery expertise, covering food-contact items, textiles, electrical goods and toys. Working closely with client quality teams, our Promo Hubs staff drive safety and quality standards, safeguarding our clients’ brands and reputations.


Working with suppliers in over 100 countries, we’re able to provide clients with in-market and close-market purchasing options. And with our procurement and regional teams based side-by-side, we’re equipped with a nuanced understanding of both local market requirements and the global sourcing landscape.

Retail Innovation Team

Our Retail Innovation Team delivers insight and impact assessment of in-store retail solutions, as well as fluid supply of innovation via portals, newsletters and physical innovation workshops. The team’s output includes end-to-end proposition development for the consumer products and retail sectors and full delivery of retail display innovation.

Supplier Relationship Management

We strategically plan and manage all interactions with our suppliers. We collaborate to harness our collective talent and ideas for the benefit of our clients.

Of equal importance is the need to assure that our supply chain meets the stringent quality, compliance and sustainability demands of Adare and our clients.

Quality assurance

We maintain social compliance through a comprehensive suite of quality assurance, product safety testing and sustainability practices, ensuring 100% compliance with global, EU and client-specific regulations.


Sustainability runs through every part of our business. With a commitment to regularly reviewing supplier products, services and practices, our supply chain is no exception. Working with our in-house design specialists, we’re always striving to improve sustainability, sharing our latest ideas with clients through our innovation workshops and technology platform.


EcoVadis-accredited and members of Sedex and the Global Compact, Adare insists all of our suppliers comply with industry quality standards.

Corporate and social responsibility

We assess our suppliers’ performance in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental impact, equal opportunities and ethical business practices.



We are proud to be working with our supply chain partners, as they form the backbone
of our proposition. If you are interested in becoming one of our premier supply partners
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