Our Q4 2020 Shining Stars Winners

Well done and thank you to our Shining Stars winners for Q4 2020!

As usual, we’ve had some amazing nominations from managers and peers from across the organisation in our quarterly recognition scheme.

Congratulations to our most recent winners:

For Passion, Bravery & Integrity

1st place winner: Gulcan Kaya (Turkey) – Gulcan was awarded first place for her ‘can-do’ attitude, passion and tremendous effort. This has made all the difference not only for her colleagues, but also in the work she is undertaking for a host of clients. In fact, one client recently said Gulcan knows her job inside out and is the best. They added: “We really appreciate your great effort to ensure the process goes smoothly during the pandemic period. Thank you very much for your positive attitude, patience and professionalism.”

2nd place winner: Jana Kohse (Germany) – Throughout 2020 Jana’s efforts were being noticed as she worked enthusiastically, proactively and innovatively always looking for solutions. Her efforts weren’t unnoticed by external stakeholders either who praised Jana’s work. 

3rd place winner: Sara Ogando (Spain) – In a short space of time, Sara has made a huge difference having joined us in early 2020. This has included playing a significant role in supporting and developing client relationships.

For Collaboration

1st place winner: Nicky Perkins (Purple) – Nicky played a leading role in the relocation of our head office in Basingstoke. She has been described as a great leader, delegating to the rest of the team ensuring that all areas were covered and that the job got done and on time. Nicky’s nominator said: “She was extremely organised throughout the whole project and knew what needed doing and who needed to do it.”

2nd place winner: Julian Arenas (Colombia) – Contributing to the Finance team with maximum effort and his dedication were listed as reasons for Julian’s Shining Stars Award. He was also recognised for his collaborative approach to work and the fact he is always looking to make things more efficient. 

3rd place winner: Andres Cencio (Brazil) – Always being available and being a great help are why Andres has been awarded a Shining Star. He dedicated five hours helping out a colleague with an IT issue to make sure everything was in working order.

For Innovation & Creativity

1st place winner: Joselyn Salinas (Mexico) – Joselyn introduced and managed a new Innovative Learning Experience in Mexico for our clients. The sessions allowed us to present more sustainable solutions for the clients that we can introduce across their channels or retailers. The idea received fantastic feedback from the client, and it was shared by them in their internal newsletters to demonstrate the new sustainable options as well as the work we were undertaking.

2nd place winner: Team Purple (Nick Burgoyne, Terri Martin, Harriet Cornelius, Kirsty Mead, Elisia Cox, Amy Johnson, Ian Lee, James Mayfield and Andrew Woodger) – This fantastic team were nominated and rewarded because of the consistently high standard of their tenders and pitches. This year the team helped secure a huge amount of growth as well as significant new business wins delivered. Their nominator said: “There is no question that Team Healthcare have ticked every box in our Innovation and Creativity values for their pitches this year.”

Joint 3rd place winners:

Wasim Bhatti and Steve Taylor (UK) – Wasim and Steve played a pivotal role in sourcing a very niche product for a new client. The pair were successful in achieving the brief with a new light box not only manufactured using 100% recycled bottles, but also fully re-recyclable after use making it 100% sustainable.

Pilar Pousa (Spain) – Pilar has been recognised for her enthusiasm and energy which has resulted in the introduction of a number of different initiatives and improved service. This includes client webinars, newsletters and surveys. 


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